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Postcard 5

{Postcard 5} "How can I make a narrow L shaped backyard into a fun family space?" - Submitted by Bessie

{Postcard 5} - "How can I make my narrow L shaped backyard into a fun family space?" - Submitted by Bessie

Bessie's challenge includes:

  • a narrow, underused exterior space next to a single detached garage
  • a desire for a flexible play space for kids
  • a desire to enjoy more greenery and outdoor dining

In narrow outdoor spaces like the one in the original postcard drawing, every surface counts! This response sketch involves rebuilding the fence to include careful detailing like vertical or trough planting for herbs, as well as leaving gaps in the layout of large paving stones to support the roots of lush climbing plants. Together the new surfaces can transform the space into an inviting outdoor room. 

The new permanent bench affixed to the concrete garage wall can allow for better circulation around the table, as well as reduces the amount of chairs that need to be stored. The new bench can be designed not only to hold storage for toys and gardening supplies, but can also be made to adjust to a slanted position to allow for child sized painting, drawing and dynamic play. Including an optional beam or trellis structure across the entrance of the space creates vertical suport for interchangeable swinging and climbing elements for kids, can frame the room and provide place for lighting.