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Home Consultation - what you can expect

home consultation measuring

Drôle House offers home consultations in the Greater Toronto Area. Renovations are overwhelming even if you know exactly what you want. What if you don't know where to start? A home consultation with Deborah Mesher (me) involves a visit with you and your family in your home so that you can walk me through the spaces that annoy ---ahem-- challenge you. You can ask questions, I then measure and take photographs, then return a week later with a 3D model analysing what works and what doesn't, along with preliminary sketches for renovation options to consider.

Is an addition necessary? Maybe not! Can you use the space you have in a different way that satisfies all of your family's needs? Probably!  

A sample model of an existing kitchen with poor circulation and broken layout.

A sample model of an existing kitchen with poor circulation and broken layout.

A home consultation is a low cost way to explore options when considering a major renovation to your home. You'll find out what needs a permit and what doesn't, what work has an impact on your zoning, and what steps are between you and a home that is more functional and fun! It's pre-design work --or as I like to call it-- "the math" of what you could do. You'll come away with a clear direction forward, digital layout sketches for your space(s) and a step by step a plan of action to get you going.

Had a great experience with Drôle House - our basement has been re-imagined with an excellent new creative solution that will give us a new cozy library/kids space and a separate guest room / sewing room. Best of all, this requires only changing one existing wall; we’ll be taking advantage of under-utilized space that we never thought could be used for much more than storage.
— Andrea C.
We were looking for creative ways of using our tiny outdoor space - something that was flexible and multifunctional for a growing family that wants to eat, entertain, garden, and play outdoors. Our experience with Drole House was great! Deborah quickly set up an appointment in which she listed to our list of ‘wants’. In only a couple weeks, she had a great plan all mocked up with multiple elevations. For those of us who aren’t great at visualizing floorpans, it was great to see the plan from different perspectives. She walked us through her ideas - all of which aligned with what we’re hoping to achieve for the space. Now I can’t wait to bring it to life!
— Kristina C.

A consultation is $299 +tax, and isn't limited to houses! Your condo, rental apartment, office or shop could benefit from a visit from a space-ninja. Should you want to proceed with a project and need further design and permit drawing help, the home consultation fee will be credited forward. Win-win. Book yours below.