How Drôle House can help:

Are you at the start of a renovation or addition project in Toronto? Do you have a design challenge or idea and are wondering what to do first? Drôle House offers a range of services to fit your budget.


Design Help Postcard - FREE

Download a Drôle House postcard and get FREE design help for your project. Sketch or write down your design challenge, take a picture and email it. A response sketch will be posted on the blog and you'll be notified by email when it's live. It's a FREE way to get started. 


Home Consultation - $299

I visit your home to talk to you and your family about your spaces: what works, what doesn't and why and what options are available to you. I take measurements and photographs, then return the following week with to-scale sketches and a digital model of designs for the space that we can evaluate and refine together. See what it will be like here. When you are ready to proceed with your project, this home consultation fee is credited forward towards design and drawing services. Toronto residents only.


Design and Permit Drawings - from $1000 to 10-12% of your construction budget.

Design and permit drawings for any sized project are based on a rate of $130/hr and the hours vary with the size and complexity of the project.